Construction Phase Construction
Description of construction
Related Person Isaac Komnenos
Related Institution / Workshop -
Date of construction
1152 AD
Historical period Middle Byzantine
Surrounding built environment
Construction technique
Architectural type Cross-in-square church with two columns and five domes
Construction materials Mortar
State of completion
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Construction Phase Adaptive reuse
Description of use During the 14th century the catholikon was converted into the mosque of Suleyman, and five and a half centuries later was again converted into a Christian church.

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Date of use
14century AD
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Decoration Phase Primary decoration
Decoration Type Painting
Decoration theme Hierarchs, figures of military saints and Communion of the Apostles
Location of decoration South and north wall, south wall of Prothesis
Description of decoration The iconographic decoration is a magnificent specimen of high quality painting of the School of Constantinople, dated to the 12th century. The wall-paintings in the Kosmosoteira are the work of a team of painters brought there, most probably from Constantinople, by its royal founder and express his theological views. The large dimensions and the calm, slow movements of the figures, the 'careless' drawing and the uniform chromatic surfaces render a heavenly world both erudite and serious, as seen through the ascetic ideal. Certain peculiarities in the iconographic programme are more expressive of human dramaticism than an eucharistic disposition. The representation of the Communion of the Apostles on the south wall of the prothesis is an example.
Related Person Isaac Komnenos
Related Institution -
Date of decoration
12century AD
Decoration style Characteristic sample of the iconography of the 12th century School of Constantinople

Decoration technique Fresco
Decoration materials
Condition of Decoration Medium
Digital representation CRDGID:100 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - Central)

CRDGID:101 - Feres, Kosmosoteira (Interior - Left Corner)

CRDGID:135 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - NE view)

CRDGID:194 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - Wall painting 1)

CRDGID:195 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - Wall painting 2)

CRDGID:196 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - Wall painting 3)

CRDGID:197 - Feres, Church of Kosmosotira (Interior - Wall painting 4)

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Conservation type Conservation and cleaning, replacement of old materials

Location of conservation Walls and cupola
Description of conservation 1997 - Conservation of the masonry on the west part of the monument.
1998 - Partial conservation of the cupola.
1999 - Replacement of the old lead sheets on the cupola with new ones. The new sheets were placed on a mud layer made of clay so as to achieve the spherical shape of the hemisphere.
Moreover, the repairs comprised the cleaning of the monument from newer and insecure mortars.
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Date of decoration
From 1996 AD
To 2000 AD
Conservation technique Restoration
Conservation materials Lead
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State of protection
Related Institution Ministry of Culture
Declaration date
Declaration type
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