Code CHURCH0009
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Monument Name St. Paraskevi in Xirokrini
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Related Institution Holy Diocese of Neapolis and Stavroupolis

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Location Name Xirokrini in Thessaloniki
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Short Description
Short Description The church, which was associated with the western cemetery of Orthodox Christians in the city, was founded in 1897 and inaugurated in 1914, after the liberation of the city. Architecturally it is of particular interest because it has the shape of a cross; it is the "first neo-byzantine church of Thessaloniki with neoclassical elements" (Th. Mantopoulou-Panagiotopoulou). The neoclassical elements abound in the church both outside and on the interior decoration. In the church a series of despotic and other portable icons are kept – most of them are orders to a notorious hagiographic workshop of Mount Athos in circa 1901.