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St. Nicholas church in Kovachevitsa

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Record ID CRID:65
Type of record Single Monument
Date of record 28-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code CHURCH0044

Monument Name St. Nicholas church in Kovachevitsa
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Nevrokop
Location Name Kovachevitsa
Date of construction
From 1841 AD
To 1847 AD
Short Description It is located in the eastern end of the village of Kovachevitsa. The building of the church started in 1841 and finished in 1847. Until then the religious rituals were held in the “St. Paraskevi” chapel, in a vicinity called Elata (the Fir tree). Some of the icons of that chapel were moved to the new church.
The temple is designed like a three-nave basilica with a big half-round apse in the east and an open gallery in the west. Next to it, in the north-west in 1893 a 4-storied belfry and a school were erected. The buildings are surrounded by a stony masonry.
The church was built of uncut stones, the western façade is whitewashed and the rest of the facades are grouted. The roof ledge is stony, with a complex profile. The roof is two-sloped with cut western and eastern ends, and is covered with stone tiles – so called “tikli”.