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St. Nicholas in Neochorouda

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Record ID CRID:19
Type of record Single Monument
Date of record 03-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code CHURCH0012
Monument Name St. Nicholas in Neochorouda
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Neapolis and Stavroupolis
Location Name Neochorouda in Thessaloniki
Date of construction
From 1890 AD
To 1915 AD
Short Description One of the major villages on the valley of Thessaloniki (658 inhabitants in 1905) was Yeniköy, with a church dedicated to St. Nicholas (built between 1890-1915), which was destroyed by fire in 1957 and in its place a homonymous parish church was erected. Unfortunately due to the fire very few of the movable relics of the older church were rescued.