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St. George church in Sandanski

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Record ID CRID:73
Type of record Single Monument
Date of record 28-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code CHURCH0051
Monument Name St. George church in Sandanski
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Nevrokop
Location Name Sandanski
Date of construction
1939 AD
Short Description It is situated not far away from the town’s centre. Its construction is similar to that of “St. Alexander Nevsky” cathedral in Sofia. The initiative for its building up was taken in 1928 when Atanas Hadjishopov donated a piece of his own land. Nevertheless due to various reasons the laying of the foundations became a reality no sooner than 1939. The design of the church was done by architect Ognyanov from Sofia and the construction activities were taken up by a group of master-builders from the region of Tran together with the investor and master-builder Yosif.
During the Second World War the building stopped. In 1951the Church Board presided over by Angel Stolinchev took up the initiative for finishing the temple and was implemented by the newly created Holy Synod’s building organization “Synstroy”.