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Church of the Archangels in Drama

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  • Code
    Code CHURCH0038
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  • Name
    Monument Name Church of the Archangels in Drama
    Source / Origin

  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Drama

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  • Origin / Location
    Location Name Drama
    Coordinates Χ1
    Coordinates Χ2
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    Coordinates Y2
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  • Short Description
    Short Description Ancient church of the early 14th century, at the eastern end of the wall, where Roman inscriptions were found, a fact which indicates that there was an earlier pagan temple that was converted into a Christian church. George Chatzikiriakou, who visited the Drama in the early 20th century, states: "In Drama there is the Byzantine chapel of the Archangels, meager and without artistic style, but retaining old icons worthy of attention in the style of Byzantine hagiography".

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