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Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Aetochori

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    Code MONAST0004
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    Monument Name Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Aetochori
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    Location Name Aetochori in Evros
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  • Short Description
    Short Description In Aetochori of the municipality of Traianoupolis, about 11 km from Alexandroupoli, the male monastery of St. John the Theologian was founded in 1981. It soon became known in the area and it is spiritual oasis in the border region of Evros.
    The building complex, with the triconch katholikon at its center, is spacious and hospitable. It includes a second church, dedicated to the Thracian saints, hosting space for pilgrims and a conference room.
    The pieces of the relics of the five neo-martyrs of Samothrace, who became martyrs in 1835 at Makri Alexandroupolis, St. Panteleimon, St. Haralambos etc. are a precious treasure of the monastery.
    The monastery celebrates on May 8th, in memory of St. John the Theologian, on September 26th, in memory of his metastasis, and on Sunday of All Saints in memory of the Thracian Saints.

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