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St. Athanasios in Palaiokastro

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  • Code
    Code CHURCH0008
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  • Name
    Monument Name St. Athanasios in Palaiokastro
    Source / Origin

  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Neapolis and Stavroupolis

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  • Origin / Location
    Location Name Palaiokastro in Thessaloniki
    Coordinates Χ1
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  • Short Description
    Short Description The current settlement of Pentalofos (near Oreokastro) is the historical continuation of the settlement "Daout Bali", initially a village and later a manor of the “nahiye” [=province] of Lagadas. As we learn from the founding inscription on the lintel of the west entrance the church was "renovated" in 1864. The original church was probably destroyed by fire.
    It is a three-aisled, wooden-roofed basilica, without a narthex, but with open galleries (loggia) to the south and west side of the church. In its masonry, which was deposed by the novel mortars, marble spolia from earlier pagan and Christian monuments were discovered.
    Among the relics of the church the interesting collection of icons of the 19th century stands out (one icon of the 16th century [!] of Italian-Cretan school is located on the iconostasis).

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