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St. George in Chortiatis

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    Code CHURCH0005
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    Monument Name St. George in Chortiatis
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  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Neapolis and Stavroupolis

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  • Origin / Location
    Location Name Chortiatis
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  • Short Description
    Short Description Three-aisled basilica, without a narthex of the early 19th century. The church is clearly smaller than that of Asvestohori, has undergone modifications and architectural interventions, and that is why it is a characteristic of sample of post-Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture of this era.
    The settlement of Chortiatis seems that, because of its location (away from the city, controlling the water supply of Thessaloniki), had a relative autonomy and apparently a purely Christian population. From its beginning it was associated with the Byzantine small monastery of Panagia Chortaitou ∙ remains of this monastery are found within the limits of the current settlement.
    Some relics of the monastery, unfortunately few, led, unknown when and how, in the parish church of St George: the Palaiologan icon of the Virgin Odigitria, a series of important early post-Byzantine icons (16th-17th c.) and a small collection of handwritten books. The collection of printed liturgical books (incunabula), editions of famous printers of Venice (17th cent.) with interesting handwritten remembrances and recordings, is very interesting iteslf, too.
    As for the relics of the parish church, these include an important collection of icons, despotic and portable, from the first half of the 19th century, works mainly of painters from Koulaka.

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