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St. George church in Sandanski

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  • Construction
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    Description of construction
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    Date of construction
    1939 AD
    Historical period -
    Surrounding built environment
    Construction technique
    Architectural type
    Construction materials
    State of completion
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  • Decoration
    Decoration Phase Primary decoration
    Decoration Type Painting
    Decoration theme Palm Sunday
    Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple
    Location of decoration It is located on the northern wall of the church.

    It is located on the southern wall of the church.

    Description of decoration The iconostasis is made of cement, and is coated in artificial marble. Later on wooden coating with woodcarving was put upon the old one. The frescoes of the temple were done during 1964-1967 by Nikolay Shelehov. The images on the walls follow the Byzantium tradition in the Russian Renaissance.
    In the altar under the dome one can see “The Holy Mother of God More Spacious Than the Heavens” (Platytera) with angels above, while one of them is holding a wreath above Her head. At the Sacrificial altar we can see the scene of “The Birth of Christ” with all the details in the cave where Jesus was born – the righteous Joseph, the Holy Mother with the Baby Boy, the feeding-trough with straw in it, the star, the pilgrimage of the three Magi from the east. Also the scenes of “The resurrection of Christ” and “The Epiphany”.
    The southern wall represents “The Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple”, and the northern one – “The Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem” – Palm Sunday. On the central dome there is an image of Jesus Christ that is big 5m by 3m, and we can see the prophets around Him. In the woman’s section “The Dormition of the Virgin Mary” is depicted.

    Related Person Nikolay Shelehov
    Related Institution -
    Date of decoration
    From 1964 AD
    To 1967 AD
    Decoration style
    Decoration technique Fresco
    Decoration materials
    Condition of Decoration
    Digital representation CRDGID:40 - Sandanski, St. George church, wall painting "Palm Sunday"

    CRDGID:41 - Sandanski, St. George church, wall painting "Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple"

    CRDGID:42 - Sandanski, St. George church, wall painting "Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple"

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