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The Dormition of Virgin Mary church in Filipovo

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  • Construction
    Construction Phase -
    Description of construction
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    Date of construction
    1867 AD
    Historical period -
    Surrounding built environment
    Construction technique
    Architectural type
    Construction materials
    State of completion
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  • Decoration
    Decoration Phase Primary decoration
    Decoration Type Painting
    Decoration theme Various
    Location of decoration Iconostasis, Portable icons, Bishop's throne
    Description of decoration The iconostasis consists of the traditional rows – the lower tier, the royal, the apostle’s icons (23 pieces) and the crucifixion. The vine motif is missing. In the second half of 19th c. the Royal Gates as well as the crucifixion were decorated with woodcarving. The prophets David and Solomon, the Annunciation and four of the church holy fathers are depicted on 6 medallions. The crucifixion is hanging over the whole middle part of the iconostasis. The woodcarving on the cross is hemstitched and precise.
    The icons of the Sovereign tier (7 pieces), the apostles icons, the icon on the Bishop`s Throne, the Crucifixion and the icon of Christ the Al-mighty (on the middle roof) were done by an anonymous icon-painter at the beginning of the second half of 19th c.

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    Date of decoration
    219century AD
    Decoration style
    Decoration technique
    Decoration materials
    Condition of Decoration
    Digital representation CRDGID:48 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of St. George

    CRDGID:49 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of Palm Sunday

    CRDGID:50 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of Sts. Constantine and Helen

    CRDGID:52 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of the Dormition of the Virgin

    CRDGID:53 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of the Life-giving Spring

    CRDGID:69 - Filipovo, Bansko, icon of St. Demetrius

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