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Mother Of God Life Giving Spring Monastery near by Gotse Delchev

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Record ID CRID:61
Type of record Group of monuments
Date of record 28-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code MONAST0008

Monument Name Mother Of God Life Giving Spring Monastery near by Gotse Delchev
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Nevrokop
Location Name Gotse Delchev
Date of construction
From 1898 AD
To 1901 AD
Short Description It is located at the southwest of the town, on the road to the village of Delchevo. It was built on the foundations of an older church, from which columns, capitals and fragments of a carved marble frieze were preserved. Old graves and a holy spring were found by the monastery wall.
There is a stone slab above the entrance of the monastery church which testifies that the reconstruction of the monastery began on March 1st 1888. A small icon was found during the preparation of the terrain and cleaning of the ruins of the ancient building.
At first, a stone wall, an outside wash basin and a stronghold were erected. The construction of the monastery church together with rooms for pilgrims began in 1898. The church was consecrated in July 1901. There were monk cells behind the church. Until 1912 the income from the monastery’s properties was used for the maintenance of the schools in the town. In 1949 a fire destroyed the rooms intended for pilgrims and the monk cells.
It was converted into a nunnery in March 1998. During the same year complete renovation and further construction works were also initiated.
The monastery has two feasts. The first one is the Mother of God Life Giving Spring which is celebrated on Light Friday. This day is remembered by the local people as the “little Easter”. The second feast is in honor of St. Panteleimon commemorated on 27th July.