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St. Athanasios in Evosmos

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Record ID CRID:14
Type of record Single Monument
Date of record 03-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code CHURCH0007
Monument Name St. Athanasios in Evosmos
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Neapolis and Stavroupolis
Location Name Evosmos in Thessaloniki
Date of construction
1817 AD
Short Description Three-aisled, wooden-roofed basilica, without a narthex, dated to the second decade of the 19th century (c. 1817), based on indirect evidence. It is a relatively small church with a small collection of icons (mostly of the iconostasis and some portable) and a characteristic example of the "humble architecture" of Christian villages in the valley of Thessaloniki. "Harmanköy" [Evosmos], according to N. Shinas (1886), was half an hour away west of Thessaloniki, on the north side of the roadway Thessaloniki-Giannitsa and was a nice overgrown village, where many tourists and excursionists from Thessaloniki resided.